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Schedule Online Technicians Available Now 6/25/2024

Toronto & GTA 416-800-9206

York/Peel/Durham 905-963-0067

Barrie 705-999-8533

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Smart Appliances for a Smart Home

Technology has come a long way from conventional picture-tube televisions to LEDs, from low-tech phones to touch-enabled phablets and from petrol run vehicles to electric supercars. Plain Jane home appliances have also gotten a drastic facelift both inside and outside with smart technology that runs on computerized communication for quicker, smarter efficiency. Smart appliances involve a new league of household appliances including dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators and washing machines that are connected via Internet enabling inter-appliance communication.

Why Buy a Smart Appliance?

A simple answer to this question is, it makes life so much easier. Smart appliances are advanced, sophisticated machines that understand your requirements and set reminders for you, for things that you would otherwise forget. Their interactive interface opens a world of choices for you in terms of recipes, food expiration dates, energy efficiency, wash cycles and more. Smart appliances no doubt come with a steeper price tag but the number of features they have, make every penny worth it.

Benefits of Smart Appliances

We have done a simple comparison between two leading brands – Samsung and LG by comparing their smart refrigerators to showcase the multi-faceted benefits of smart appliances.

The Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge is Samsung’s


The Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge is Samsung’s latest offering in the refrigerator space and comes fitted with a feature called Meal Planner that recommends recipes based on your family’s food preferences and allergies and also what is stocked in the fridge. You can also control the refrigerator’s smart lights and thermostat through Samsung’s SmartThings App. Another distinguishing feature includes the ability to mirror your Samsung Smart TV on the fridge’s touchscreen so you can stream all those recipe videos right on your fridge.

LG ThinQ Smart Fridge


LG’s new ThinQ Smart Fridge gives stiff competition to Samsung as it has a transparent 29-inch touchscreen and runs webOS. The fridge lets you create virtual stickers and set expiration dates so you know when you need to buy something or if things are nearing expiry. The fridge being part of LG’s ThinQ kitchen gadgets can communicate with other appliances like the oven to provide instructions for recipes through the recipes app.

Doing thorough research before making a purchase is always recommended so you are able to zero in on an appliance that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

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