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Common Dryer Problems

There are many reasons why your dryer won’t turn on. Understanding how your appliance works and earning how to troubleshoot your dryer problems can save you a lot of time and frustration. While some issues are unique to a specific brand or type of machine, however there are many issues that are common with all dryer types. We have listed the most common dryer problems below and how to fix them.

Dryer Won’t Turn On

Dryer Drum Repair

If your dryer won’t turn on, there are many reasons that could be causing this. One of the first things to check is the power. If your dryer plug is not plugged into the outlet fully, power cannot get to your machine. While checking the plug, also inspect the cord to make sure it is not damaged. Check the outlet and breakers to make sure there are no issues with the power source.

Once you have determined that power disruptions are not causing your dryer problems, there are different parts of your machine that could be stopping your appliance from turning on. One of them is the door switch. If the door is not closing properly or the switch is not engaging, check for lint and other debris that can build up over time and cause a blockage. Clean around the switch and then test to confirm the switch can engage and the door is closing fully. If the door switch is faulty and needs to be replaced, you can do so by opening the cabinet door and removing the old switch. Consult with your owner’s manual or one of our experienced technician’s on troubleshooting your dryer switch.

Other common parts that can interfere with the dryer turning on include a broken dial timer, a blown thermal fuse, faulty thermostat, or an issue with the circuit board. If a damaged part is causing your dryer problems, consult with your owner’s manual on how to fix your dryer. If a faulty piece needs to be repaired or replaced, contact us at Appliance Handyman to get your machine running again.

Noisy Dryer

Dryer Lint Repair

Your clothes dryer has many moving parts that are fairly quiet when they are newer and your machine is working properly. However, over time, the parts can get worn from use and start making unnatural noises. When troubleshooting your dryer, if you start hearing your appliance squeal, hum, squeak, thump, or make other irregular sounds, it is time to get it serviced.

There are different parts in your appliance that can cause strange sounds if they are worn or damaged. Many moveable pieces in your dryer are made of plastic or other materials that can break, crack, or erode from natural wear-and-tear. Some parts that commonly go from continued use include the dryer belt, the glides, the blower wheel, the drum support roller, or the idler pulley. Your owner’s guide can help you troubleshoot your noisy dryer problems.

The belt, glides, and drum support rollers can become quite noisy when they start to breakdown and will have to be replaced. Whereas, the blower wheel can start to make noise if it is dirty or broken. Before replacing the part, inspect and clean any lint from the piece. If it still makes noise after you have cleaned the blower wheel, or you see any obvious signs of damage, contact us at Appliance Handyman to book your wheel replacement appointment.

Wrinkled Clothes

Dryer Lint Clean and Repair

Wrinkled clothes are a pretty common dryer problem that is not typically caused because your dryer is not working. How you wash and dry your laundry affects how the clothes dry. For instance, if incorrect water levels are used when washing your clothes, they will not dry properly in the appliance and could end up wrinkled.

Another common cause of wrinkled clothes is leaving the clothes in the dryer after the cycle is finished. The longer they remain in the dryer, the more wrinkled your clothes will become.

Putting a load in the dryer that is too big or too small, it will also cause your clothes to wrinkle while tumble drying. When troubleshooting your dryer issues, check your owner’s manual for guidelines on ideal load sizes.

To prevent your clothes from wrinkling in the dryer, it is important to sort your laundry properly before washing and set the water temperature according to your laundry type and label instructions. Water temperatures that are too hot or too cold will cause dryer problems with your wrinkle-free drying efforts. Fabric softener should also be used to help reduce the risk of wrinkles developing while drying.

No Heat

Dryer Heater Repair

Different issues will affect your dryer’s ability to produce heat. If your dryer is not getting hot, one of the first areas to look at is your power source. If you have an electric dryer, make sure your machine is plugged in and the breaker has not been tripped. If you own a gas dryer, check your gas valve to make sure it is turned on.

If your power source is not the problem, check the door on your dryer to make sure it is closing fully. If the door switch is the issue, you can fix the broken dryer part by removing the panel and replacing the switch. Also check your dryer vent and lint trap to make sure they are clean. Excessive lint build-up will block the dryer’s heating element and cause your dryer to stop working.

A defective thermal fuse, heating element or coil, thermostat, timer motor, or temperature switch are other common reasons why your dryer is not getting hot. If your dryer problems are caused by a mechanical issue, book an appointment with one of our technicians to troubleshoot your dryer problems.

If none of the parts are causing your dryer issue, there could be a more serious electrical or gas problem. These power-related problems require a professional technician who knows how to fix a dryer to service your machine.

Does Not Tumble

Dryer Repair Motor

If your dryer does not tumble, the most common reason is a worn or broken the dryer belt. The dryer belt will start making a squealing noise when it is starting to wear. Always consult with your owner’s manual when dryer troubleshooting to replace a worn or broken belt. You can also contact us at Appliance Handyman to service your appliance.

A faulty or damaged drum bearing, will also stop your dryer from tumbling. A faulty or broken dryer part will need to be repaired or replaced by one of our technicians Appliance Handyman.

In the most serious causes, a seized motor will stop your dryer from tumbling. If a seized motor is the reason your dryer has stopped working, you will need to contact us at Appliance Handyman to replace the motor. If the cost to replace your dryer’s motor is more than what a new dryer would cost, you may want to consider buying a new drying machine.

Takes Too Long for Clothes to Dry

Dryer Heating Repair

One of the first things you should check if your dryer is taking too long to dry your clothes is your power source. If insufficient or no power is getting to your appliance, your dryer won’t work. When troubleshooting your electric dryer, check to make sure it’s plugged in and there are no issues with the outlet, plug, or cord. Also check the breaker to make sure it has not been tripped. If you have a natural gas appliance, check to make sure the gas valve is turned on fully and there are no issues that would require a professional service call.

Other common reasons why dryers take to long to dry clothes are the size of the load, or load that are too wet. When diagnosing your dryer problems, also check the water settings on your washing machine to make sure the clothes are not too wet when the cycle finishes. Overloading your machine with really wet or heavy loads could stress other parts of your appliance and eventually cause your dryer to stop working so it is important to follow the instructions on load sizes.

Dirty lint traps and vents will prevent air from circulating so your clothes will not dry. Checking and cleaning your vents and traps before and after each laundry load can help prevent a longer than necessary drying time or broken dryer.

If there are problems with your timer or heating coils, consult your owner’s manual for resetting your timer or replacing your defective parts.

Too Hot

Clothes Dryer Heater Repair

If your dryer is overheating, that is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. If your dryer gets too hot, it can cause burns to an individual or even start a fire. There are several reasons why your dryer could be overheating. One of the most common culprits and easiest to fix is a dirty lint trap or dryer vent. When lint, dirt builds up, or other obstacles in the vent or trap, it can cause serious issues with your dryer’s performance because the air and heat cannot flow properly. Cleaning your dryer vents and traps regularly is an easy solution to prevent many dryer problems that cause your machine to break down.

Faulty or broken dryer parts could also cause your dryer to overheat. If your thermostat is set too high, your owner’s manual will provide instructions on resetting the thermostat so your dryer does not overheat.

Faulty heating elements or coils could also cause your dryer to stop working. To troubleshoot your dryer heating coils, look at the back panels of your dryer to see if you can see any discoloured or burned areas that would indicate your heating elements are getting too hot. You can also test your elements with a digital multimeter. This hand-held device is designed to accurately test electrical problems in many household appliances and vehicles. If your heating coils are causing your dryer problems, one of our certified technicians can repair and replace your defective parts.

Drum Not Turning

Pulley Dryer Repair Parts

If your dryer is not turning, check to ensure the power source has not been disrupted. If you have an electronic dryer, check to make sure it is plugged in and there are no issues with the outlet, plug, or cord. Also check your breaker to make sure it is not tripped. For gas-powered dryers, check the valve to make sure the gas is turned on.

Once you have confirmed the power source is not the cause of your dryer not working, check to make sure your dryer door is closing properly. If it is not closed, or the door switch is faulty, your drum will not turn. Dryer switches can be replaced. See your owner’s manual for instructions.

Heat Element Dryer Repair

Other broken dryer parts that could cause the drum to stop turning include a faulty drum roller or thermal fuse. If the parts are worn or broken, they will need to be replaced.

More severe dryer problems that cause the drum to stop turning are a seized drum or a motor that is not working. A professional technician can troubleshoot your dryer to find the exact cause of your broken dryer. If the dryer repair costs are more than the value of your broken dryer, you might want to consider purchasing a new dryer.

Dryer Lid Part

Dryer problems can cause frustration when they interfere with your normal daily routines. However, most dryer issues can be resolved quickly. If your dryer stops working, there are common areas you can inspect when troubleshooting your dryer to find the problem. There are also steps you can take to maintain your appliance and extend the life of your machine. Keeping the vent and lint trap clean, inspecting the power source, listening for unusual sounds coming from your appliance, and inspecting your machine and its working parts can help when troubleshooting your dryer.

If your dryer is not working, we can help you with all your repairs. At Appliance Handyman, our technicians are highly trained professionals with years of experience. Contact us today for all your broken dryer repair and replacement needs.

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