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Schedule Online Technicians Available Now 5/17/2024

Toronto & GTA 416-800-9206

York/Peel/Durham 905-963-0067

Barrie 705-999-8533

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Washer Repair

Washers Repair Toronto

Washer Repair Service in Toronto, York Region, Peel Region, Durham & Simcoe County

Washer repair can be difficult and confusing if you are not a trained professional. Appliance Handyman are your reliable local experts for any kind of appliance problem, and our experienced team will fix your problem for you. We can troubleshoot your washer over the phone, or we can drop by for an in-house visit. We are confident to fix your washer issues and waive the service call fee with any repair.

If you’re searching for “washer repair near me”, we are a local company that can fix your washer cost effectively. We offer FREE consultations over the phone OR send us a message with a picture so that we can best troubleshoot your inquiry. Thank you for choosing Appliance Handyman.

Appliance Technician and Appliances

Call us today for any problems with your washing machine. Some of the most commonly encountered washer problems that we solve are:

  • Spinning Problems – Washer Not Spinning
  • Leaks
  • Pipe Questions
  • Drainage Issues – washing machine won’t drain
  • Clogs
  • Cycle Completion Problems
  • Complete Washer Failure
  • And More

Appliance Handyman Is the Top Choice for Any Major Appliance Repairs. Here Is What We Offer Our Customers:

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Highly Qualified Technicians

Our staff are trained to work with every brand on the market, and they have extensive repair knowledge and expertise. Appliance Handyman has been in the industry for over 10 years, meaning you can rest assured that we will do our utmost to solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

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Follow up Service

We keep in touch with you to ensure that your appliance is working smoothly post-repairs. Should you encounter any issues our warranty covers follow up service and replacement. This way you can be sure that your needs will be taken care of by the most reliable technicians in the industry.

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No Hidden Charges

Some technicians or repair services try to take advantage of their customers by adding hidden charges to the job. Appliance Handyman on the other hand, guarantees 100% transparency from the moment you call us. We will never charge you any additional hidden fees, and we ensure complete satisfaction with our highly competitive rates on any appliance repairs in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Local Certified and Insured Technicians Near Me

Because you do not want to be paying for damages from repairs if your technician does a less than perfect job, it is important to hire a trained and insured team. Appliance Handyman offers all appliance services such as: washer repair service, dryer repair, refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and oven repair, and more! We cover all damages and faults, and offer a complimentary follow-up service if necessary. We never compromise on the quality of the washing machine parts we use, and ensure quality service with a 100% money back guarantee.

Common Issues with Washers

Washing machine is leaking – there are a number of reasons why you might have a washing machine leak. One of the most common reasons for this, which also happens to be a straight forward fix, is a loose hose connection somewhere between the wall and machine.

Another possible reason could be the seals and washers. Over time, the wear and tear on these parts can lead to leaks. Another possible explanation is a drain hose that has started deteriorating. This component can develop cracks over time.

Washing machine is noisy – it’s not uncommon for items to fall out of our pockets during a laundry cycle. Typically, they end up in the lint trap, but other times, they can get caught in the machine’s inner drum. From here, they tend to end up in the filter or sump hose.

It could take some time, but eventually you should be able to pull out the items easily. If this isn’t the source of the noise, you might have a damaged drum or a malfunctioning motor. It’s best to bring in a certified technician to troubleshoot washing machines.

Washing machine won’t spin – oftentimes, a machine won’t spin because it’s been loaded too heavily. Try removing some items from the machine. If the machine still won’t spin, you might have a blockage in the drain pump.

If something gets stuck in the outlet pipe, water will not be able to flow to and from the machine. An issue with an internal component could also be to blame. A certified repair person can confirm this for you and advise how to fix a washing machine.

Washing machine moves around – it is common for your machine to move a little during the cycle, but if it’s bouncing off the walls, it might be due to uneven ground.

Use a level to confirm that this may be the issue. An unbalanced load could also be the culprit – take a look inside the machine and rearrange the clothes if one side has more than the other.

Washing machine won’t fill with water – check for a kink in the hose – believe it or not, this can prevent flow in and out of the machine. A blockage could also be the answer. If the machine is making a humming sound, it’s trying to fill the machine with water but is not.

Inspect the taps in this situation. Turn them off and clean them. If the blockage is in the hot water tap, you’ll have to drain the tank, or your filter may need to be cleaned. Appliance Handyman is always happy to help fix a washing machine.

Types of Washing Machines We Repair

Types of Washing Machines We Repair

No matter what type of washing machine you own, our trained staff can work with all different types and brands of washing machines. We guarantee that our professional technicians can find a solution for your washing machine. If you are searching for “Toronto washing machine repair,” look no further than our team at Appliance Handyman. 


Front-loading washing machines tend to get worn out faster because they have a longer cycle. The door may be leaking or it won’t start because the door won’t seal. They might be off-centre and making a lot of noise. They face drainage issues, overheating, not getting hot water or they can begin moving around. 


Portable washing machines are convenient for those living in smaller spaces. But, they are often moved about which can cause connections to become dislodged, the hose to get bent or kinked or they can become off-balance, which may stop them from functioning properly. 


Top-loading washing machines face issues all the time. They may not be draining, they may be making noise, or they won’t finish the cycle. It may not be spinning, the soap is still sitting there, or they are banging or shifting,

Washer dryer combo

We understand that it can be frustrating if one or both components of your washer-dryer combo isn’t working. These face the same issues as other machines, so give us a call if you are running into any issues with your washer and dryer. 

Same-Day Washing Machine Repair

Most of us don’t know much about our large appliances outside of operating them. That’s why when they stop working, we feel lost. But you shouldn’t have to wait to get them working again. Here at Appliance Handyman, we know how frustrating it can be when your washing machine stops working or isn’t working as it should be. Some of the most common problems are ones we encounter everyday.

That’s why we are so good at what we do. Our team of expert technicians have years of experience in washing machine repair. We can also offer you a free consultation over the phone. The most common issues can be fixed quickly and on the same day you call us. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can make a diagnosis and get your machine back to where it should be. We service all makes and models and carry parts and tools for all types of washing machine repair in Toronto.

Washing Machine Replacement Parts

When your washing machine stops working, it can often be fixed on the spot, on the same day. Appliance Handyman carries all kinds of replacement parts for all brand names and tropes of washing machines. It can be very frustrating to have your washing machine out of order. Most families depend on their washers everyday. It isn’t surprising that parts can get worn out or break.

Appliance Handyman can give you a consultation over the phone and we show up with the parts needed and repair your machine the same day. Our trained, experienced, and insured technicians show up ready to work and get your washing back in tip-top shape.If you need washing machine repair anywhere in the GTA, give us a call first. Our skilled technicians are available 7 days a week including weekends, evenings, and holidays. We can handle any problem you have with your washing machine and carry all parts including:

  • Agitator
  • Boot Seal
  • Buttons
  • Circuit Board
  • Control Panel
  • Dial
  • Door lock
  • Drain Hose
  • Drum
  • Gaskets
  • Hall Sensor
  • Knobs
  • Latch
  • Lid Switch
  • Motor Pulley
  • Off-Balance Switch
  • Outlet Line
  • Position Sensor
  • Rotor
  • Seals
  • Shock Absorption
  • Spin Assembly
  • Spin Pulley
  • Suspension
  • Switch
  • Timer Control
  • Transmission
  • Tubes
  • Wash Selector
  • Washer Belt
  • Water Filter
  • Water Inlet Valves
  • Water Level Control
  • Water Pump
  • Water Supply Hose
  • Water Valves
  • Heating element
  • Thermal fuse

The Professional Approach

Calling Appliance Handyman with your washer issues ensures your appliance’s timely, effective repair. We have served the washer repair needs of the GTA for over 10 years, and we are the top rated team in the region. We understand the necessity of keeping your appliances in the best possible shape so that your daily life can continue uninterrupted.

With a service warranty, trained and insured technicians, same-day service guarantee and competitive rates, we are your number one choice for washer appliance repair in the GTA. Contact us today for a free estimate or to book your appointment or book an appointment online. We are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your appliances, our company and how we operate so call us today!

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For washer repairs in GTA, we service the following areas including; Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Concord, Thornhill, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Maple, Woodbridge, King City, Aurora, Newmarket, Stouffville, Innisfil, Bradford, Barrie, Milton, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Pickering, Ajax & more.

Brands We Service

Brands we service

If you are searching for ‘’appliance installation near me’’ or ”appliance repair near me” our company is able to provide professional services at an affordable cost. For Quick and Reliable Repairs & Installations Call Appliance Handyman Today or Book an Appointment Online.

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