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Schedule Online Technicians Available Now 7/23/2024

Toronto & GTA 416-800-9206

York/Peel/Durham 905-963-0067

Barrie 705-999-8533

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Your Samsung dishwasher can stop working for a variety of reasons. Usually when this happens, a Samsung dishwasher error code will appear on the digital display screen. Understanding the codes will help you solve your dishwashing appliance issues. Here is a list of the most common Samsung dishwasher troubleshooting codes and how to fix them.

There are many reasons why your dryer won’t turn on. Understanding how your appliance works and earning how to troubleshoot your dryer problems can save you a lot of time and frustration. While some issues are unique to a specific brand or type of machine, however there are many issues that are common with all dryer types. We have listed the most common dryer problems below and how to fix them.

Is your LG dishwasher displaying error codes? The error code being displayed indicates that there is a problem with the diagnostic system. Once you identify the code, you will be able to address the problem. Listed below are the many error codes the LG dishwasher could display.

When your fridge and freezer are not cold, it can quickly turn disastrous. Before you call in a service repair company to find out why your fridge is not cooling, there are many easy-to-fix reasons to look at first. Troubleshooting your refrigerator not working can often solve your problem quickly without calling in a professional service technician.

There are a few dreaded tasks in this life that are time and energy-consuming – cleaning ovens. The remains of your delicious recipes on the bottom of the oven that burns and cause it to smoke every time you use it is an indicator that the oven truly needs to be cleaned. This article will inform you of everything you need to know about the self-cleaning oven. By pushing a button, you are now able to clean your oven, with minimal effort!

Technology has come a long way from conventional picture-tube televisions to LEDs, from low-tech phones to touch-enabled phablets and from petrol run vehicles to electric supercars. Plain Jane home appliances have also gotten a drastic facelift both inside and outside with smart technology that runs on computerized communication for quicker, smarter efficiency. Smart appliances involve a new league of household appliances including dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators and washing machines that are connected via Internet enabling inter-appliance communication.

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